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To make it even much easier for you to spread awareness about conservation,
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Register and connect your social media account under your educational institute's name on
In addition to being one of the criteria of winning the conservation award, being a social media conservation pioneer will grant you recognition on the on
School management & staff, teachers, students & parents. Anyone who wants to support your educational institute
Any topics related to conservation using the hashtag #ConservationAward. An ambassador toolkit will be found on to download where you can find supporting content. Some ready content published on DEWA social media platforms are available, wherein you can click to publish and share accordingly.
Make sure that your twitter account is connected by registering and signing up on
By visiting website, a leaderboard can be found showing your performance which is the total number of content shared on social media by the connected accounts to your educational institute. Monthly emails will be also sent to notify you with the progress.